5 Secrets to Working with a Recruiter

Sometimes it is about who you know Professional recruiters have deep networks of business contacts within a wide range of companies and industries. While you are diligently scouring newspaper and Internet ads, they can uncover leads and vacancies that have not been advertised or even announced, thus giving you an advantage over job seekers who […]

Why Use a Recruiter

Why Use a Recruiter Because the best people aren’t looking for a job; they are already working. These are the proven performers, tops in their profession. They don’t read the “help-wanted” ads, they don’t keep their resumes circulating, and they don’t haunt the employment agencies. If you want to hire these people, you have to […]

Interviewing Tips

Interviewing is a learned skill! What gets you the job is how comfortable the employer is about you as a person (chemistry created during the interview) and your experiences (how well you were able to discuss those experiences and how those experiences benefit them). Use the power of “I” in your interview statements to show […]
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