Why Use a Recruiter

Why Use a Recruiter

Because the best people aren’t looking for a job; they are already working. These are the proven performers, tops in their profession. They don’t read the “help-wanted” ads, they don’t keep their resumes circulating, and they don’t haunt the employment agencies.

If you want to hire these people, you have to find them, because they aren’t looking for you. Identifying and approaching these hidden prospects is not easy, even for the most astute personnel manager, but that’s what trained recruiters do every day.

A trained recruiter is in the market place day in and day out. Second, a recruiter can help you avoid mistakes in the hiring process by providing objective analysis of a candidate or by following up on references, and can save you time by screening candidates against your requirements. Finally, a recruiter can preserve your anonymity when it is important to do so.

If you have exhausted your own efforts in recruiting the individual(s) you need to fulfill a critical position, your paper advertisement has failed you, your search on job boards are producing the best of the worst… then it might be time to hire a professional Executive Recruited to fulfill that critical position.

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